Doctor Appointment App Android

Meddco is a doctor’s appointment app for Android as well as IOS platforms. This is India's first digital pricing medical care platform with completely honest pricing. It assists people in booking medical appointments in a hassle-free and transparent manner. This sophisticated, digital solution is a one-stop to all our healthcare-related issues. You can easily read patient reviews, get discounted healthcare packages, find nearby health camps, book appointments, and more.

No matter what your medical assistance needs are Meddco will help you find the right medical professional and facility with its superior query matching engine. You can read through detailed work profiles of the doctors and service providers to find the exact specialist you need. You can easily manage your doctor’s appointments and save yourself from long waiting hours with the Meddco app. You can choose to get updates and notifications about your upcoming appointments or reschedule if you miss it by chance.

The app keeps the pricing information completely transparent and that is one of its key features. It will inform you of all the inclusive and exclusive costs so that you can make an informed decision. You can email, call or live chat with them from anywhere, at any time in case you need support.

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