Lub….dup..lub..dup..… You can sense the high pitch sound of throbbing of your heart beat when you are caught in a web of disease. Diseases and infections are known to enter human body abruptly, unexpectedly, follow its course of action to cause harm to vital organs of the body. When the disease strikes it follows its pattern with indefinite duration, complications and periodical remission.

Health care is now advanced, modified, has a unique name in the form of digital portals that are specifically designed to facilitate solutions during medical crisis to people all across the world. Most tasks are now done using technology as a medium, a research on any precise fact can be unearthed using computers and mobile applications. An analogous theory is aimed to create health care portal to promote services, hospitals, clinics, treatment packages to masses all over the world. The advantage of this diverse system helps people to navigate different alternatives and possibilities to find best treatment options for specific ailments.

MEDDCO is one such premier health care service aggregator for patients to locate, search a medical professional and it’s services near his locality. It is India's largest, one and only, distinct, multidisciplinary, divergent health care service aggregator that has most recent data on doctors from different specialities, hospitals with respective service modules, reasonable -economical treatment packages, blogs on health, testimonials, and details about health camps arranged at different locations. is an uncommon, exclusive, exceptional, extraordinary, iconic health care service aggregator in India. It is classically designed to solve all odds, medical doubts, practical assessment, evaluation and differentiate doctors and hospitals near your area at a price that fits your budget. A systematic treatment by virtual appointments, timely consultation with doctors through a research based module, medical services at affordable rates, health camps, testimonials, blogs on health are all programmed on singular computerized media. Meddco is a customised mode to manage health, just a click on dial buttons on each page of website that directly connect you to a doctor within your locality. is India's first virtual platform where healthcare system and its service cost can be determined through cross reference and mass reviews that helps to conclude pricing of treatment at affordable cost.


A minute alteration or derangement of health, compulsively forces you to consult a doctor. It should not be a painful task to locate a doctor near your area. The search could be made easy through Meddco website where doctors of all specialities are registered with contact details. You have a choice to analyze and classify treatment packages that fits your budget. The approach to find a physician with cost effective treatment packages has been made more explicit, comprehensible and adaptable for practical decisions and solutions to be made at ease, comfort and content of every patient and his relatives who visits meddco website.

In order to book an appointment with specialists and super specialists, visit or download meddco app. The website has login form for patients to register as members on meddco portal. The menu bar on left upper corner of the prime page has several contact details through which you can connect directly to executives who help each patient to book an appointment with doctors or guide through different queries and enquiries on different treatment packages and medical services. The dial button on the web page with whats app voice call option is for all to contact meddco team to know details pertaining to registration process or enquire about doctors and medical facilities available on the portal.

The search bar has a unique feature to locate doctors of different specialities as per the location, once you text the city to find doctors in a specific locality. This catalogue categorizes doctors from different cities and specialties for an easy access for each patient to contact during times of medical urgency. You can contact each doctor through search on location to book an appointment.

The website has a panel of doctors—surgeons listed on its prime page. The doctors are qualified paediatric surgeons registered under meddco. You can scan more details through click on read more option prior making an appointment with the doctor or visiting him on the contact address mentioned in his profile. As you scroll down you find health packages divided according to the branch of medicine either general surgery or obstetrics and gynaecology.

If a patient of glaucoma scrolls for health package on Meddco, he simply has to text the city on location menu bar, health care packages get listed that is within budget of patient.

Similarly, a patient who wants to understand a health package for hernia surgery, needs to text the city on location menu bar and name of surgery in the next menu bar, to get the best package, details of hospitals where a surgery can be scheduled post consultation with the surgeon.

Meddco website and app is very user-friendly in a way that you can search doctor of any speciality in a similar manner as described above; once you text the branch of medicine on book an appointment search bar, doctors registered with meddco for that specific specialty can be viewed on the screen with their respective contact details.

Meddco website has cardiologist, geriatric specialists, cancer care hospitals with scanned images with adequate necessary, well equipped technology and treatment that can be viewed on meddco website.

Treatment packages can be screened, prices can be compared for any ailments before you contact any doctors or book an appointment prior consultation. The packages are listed with amount tagged under every branch of medical science. There are few hospitals that conduct certain diagnostic procedures for free which can be sited on the screen when you locate specialists in emergency medicine. Every patient gets a choice to consult the best doctor and follow ideal coarse of treatment that gives best results. To understand the concept to a safe health care system, login on our

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