World around every individual is a complex blend of impure air, micro organisms and several destructive forces of nature. Man is in persistent struggle to conquer these unknown, infinitesimal energies of nature. Nature has made its path to win over man made revolutionary discoveries and inventions through disease, degeneration and demise of every organism on earth. The law of nature has definite, dynamic phases of birth, growth, and later a slow decline of all species. This law is the only constant change that theorizes - nothing remains permanent in nature. As man evolves through different life processes, he witnesses hurdles, tough battles to survive to the best of his abilities in a heterogeneous, competitive era to strive ambitions to perfection. The present day scenario with a boom in technology, use of digital media has made world to converge at one common platform. Invention of computer and software applications has been a boon to man. It helps to cope up with different responsibilities by feeding the data to get the required results and knowledge that people seek for.


Pandemics were not known nor heard by current generation. Our forefathers might have experienced epidemics or pandemics, but the corona virus pandemic made us realize that nature can transform abruptly, to cause a menace in lives of people. Diseases will occur till there is life on the globe. The anxiety to fight or overcome any disease was never crucial until the novel vicious corona virus damaged vital organs of the body that lead to death of millions of people. The air that we breathe is natures miracle, a bonus to sustain lives on earth. Unfortunately man made activities, pollution, inadequate hygiene, deforestation has made earth a home for life threatening, disease producing viruses that cause death in humans. Covid 19 infects the lung—an organ that purifies the inhaled impure air which transports oxygenated blood to heart and different parts of the body. It is an irony that what man instinctively needs the most to survive, has become a curse by infestations of natural micro organisms. Future is uncertain, times ahead may be more difficult and many more mutations of miniature organisms would erupt to endanger human life. The efforts to overcome challenges thrown by nature should be persistent to treat all morbidities to maintain healthy normal lifestyle. Any alarming rise in signs or symptoms from different diseases need immediate medical attention. There should not be any delay in contacting your doctors once a symptom is noted. The cause of the disease at times is different so it is essential that each medical condition is checked and scrutinized by a specialist in respective field. This would help to determine the treatment plan and early recovery of patients. The unpredictable acts of nature that has the power to threaten man’s existence, should be dealt with patience and intelligence. Health care is made virtual to guide every individual to distinctive sources, medical services and hospitals during critical hours of decisions to seek best treatment at affordable prices. It reduces the burden, the stress and anxiety to locate a doctor near your area through research on digital health portals. Hospitals are usually crowded with lack of bed availability during pandemic. There is scarcity of oxygen cylinders, medicines, equipments at many hospitals with the outcome that patients die due to untimely aid of medical support or services. These technical crises, emergency situations can be tackled by prior research on different hospitals, facilities, doctor expertise to plan the treatment protocol. Health care has become a major concern, a chaos at critical times, with unfair, unjust abuse of medicines, lack of bed facilities in hospitals and expensive treatment packages. During these delicate moments one should not hurry to forced or incoherent decisions. A reasonable, structured, technical and sensible perspective can settle stubborn health issues. Motto of each individual should be to succeed in battle of life and death, defeat death and win over all obstacles in life. Technology can be used to maximum advantage in treating sick people. Doctors of all specialities are on board on a digital website, can be consulted virtually at convenience and comfort of each patient. It is less time consuming with prompt decisions and directions by doctors for patients to follow. The system is simplified for patients to explore their choice of hospitals, clinics, doctors and pharmacies. Approach to medicine has a new name called digital health portal that facilitates each individual to a sound, skilled, adaptable, methodological path for answers to queries on health. is an uncommon, exclusive, exceptional, extraordinary, iconic health care service aggregator in India. It is classically designed to solve all odds, medical doubts, practical assessment, evaluation and differentiate doctors and hospitals near your area at a price that fits your budget. A systematic treatment by virtual appointments, timely consultation with doctors through a research based module, medical services at affordable rates, health camps, testimonials, blogs on health are all programmed on singular computerized media. Meddco is a customised mode to manage health, just a click or dial buttons on each page of website that directly connect you to a doctor within your locality.


Annihilate your apprehensions once you have registered with MEDDCO. To register with MEDDCO.COM , download the website or the app on your computer or android mobile. The portal is very comprehensive to seek information and can be conveniently operated digitally to find health care services near your vicinity. Primary page of the website has directions to login to complete registration process. The menu tab on the prime web page has service provider register, customer register, customer login and service provider login with contact details of meddco. The web site has blogs on subjects on health, medical tourism treatment packages and its cost in India. Our web site has doctor login registration form for doctors to create their individual account with Meddco. Meddco was formed with an insight to promote health care services through digital media to people all across the world. It pledges various health care needs, doctor appointments, consultation, sites to analyse diagnostic procedures and treatment packages at affordable prices to citizens of India. Meddco is elite, comprehensive portal where healthcare system is integrated to get an easy access to to health—from best doctors near your proximity to best treatment solutions. Meddco has evolved with over 10 million users that visit meddco website globally. Meddco viewers can find about 1,80,000 doctors from different specialities registered with 2,50,000 affordable treatment packages listed on the website. Over 10 lakh patients have searched different treatment options on Meddco. Meddco has a unique feature called advance search to consult your doctor near your locality, scrutinize, evaluate treatment packages at affordable prices and retrieve data on health camps. After you text the location on the search option, list of different cities appear on screen. You can later get connected to your doctor near your area to fix the appointment. The dial whts app buttons connect you to our customer service executives for support or queries of each member who place inquiries on meddco. Our customer service executives even confirm appointments with doctors for patients or non registered members. We offer essential support, knowledge, details about doctors of all specialities, pan India. Renowned doctors are registered with MEDDCO, as per their availability hours, time slot mentioned with qualification, specialization details mentioned below names of each doctor. Your search to find the best doctor from the branch of medicine according to your urgency, ends with salient support through MEDDCO. Proficient, competent, genius, meticulous doctors are registered with MEDDCO. They have created their profile as per their years of experience in the field of medicine and surgery. Each registered doctor have classified details pertaining to their skills for patients to scroll on web page for consultation. A research, knowledge about each doctor will help patients to book an appointment through meddco. Regular frequent research, comprehensive understanding about doctor specialization in different hospitals, their availability as per specific time slots mentioned in each of their profiles forms the foundation or ground to enquire for appointment. Most diseases are not an emergency in clinical practice so a planned visit through dial tab on Meddco website connects to our customer service executive who schedules an appointment with your doctor. Skin and hair complaints, certain eye disorders, few metabolic conditions, minor aches or pains, asymptomatic diseases of women, dental surgeries all can be planned through appointments. Medical emergency can be wisely maneuvered from knowledge from research done on all medical services, doctors, hospital services and treatment packages on every page of meddco website. This exercise of scrolling every page to record information, help during medical crisis. ENT physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, gynecologists and obstetricians, cardiologists and many more super specialist doctors form the panel of doctors on meddco portal. In cases where hospitals are flooded with patients, clinics have patients lined up, doctors busy in their duties, several other options to reach out to other hospitals outside your comfort zone or any remote areas can also help to relieve primary symptoms of patients. Our customer service team can aid you to nearest available medical support system or hospital equipped with basic life saving features to cure patients in times of pandemic or medical emergencies. Later, once the life support system or breathing apparatus is withdrawn, he can consult his physician by an appointment booked under meddco portal by our company's executives. Hence it makes your task easy to locate, read details about every doctor, compare price modules in every hospitals, finalize the best treatment cost according to the ailment before an appointment is booked with the doctor as per terms of meddco. website. Our registered member have priority to access the website, inform or contact our executive team for any medical intervention. They are briefed about every testimonials, latest blogs on health, informed about medical health camps, attended to every queries on health by experts and preference to book appointments with registered board of doctors. Aim of meddco is to simplify the laborious quest to find a doctor for a particular diseased pathology. It is one of its own unique kind functioning as a perfect health care service aggregator providing all necessary fundamental factual evidence on digital media. is India's first virtual platform where healthcare system and its service cost can be determined through cross reference and mass reviews that helps to conclude pricing of treatment at affordable cost. Meddco is designed with the aim that our registered members take prompt, rational steps towards health care. The risk to infections, detrimental environmental hazards and ongoing pandemic make people form imperative decisions through optimum use of digital media. People now are mindful and cautious about their choice of doctors, diagnostic procedures, treatment and they not being misguided by the physician. A detailed thorough research and knowledge about each treatment plan on Meddco enhances confidence in patient or his relatives prior the appointment is scheduled with the doctor. The patient gets his choice of treatment at affordable prices to his bliss and content. To understand the concept to a safe health care system, login on our Health care should not be a panic scene anymore with round the clock assistance from Meddco, just a click away. Heal your soul, stimulate your heart, energize yourself to a path of healthy life by Meddco service aggregator where all worries have an assertive powerful solution. Form Meddco a guide to seek the best treatment packages at hospital or clinic near your area and lead a healthy life. Live to seize your dreams to reality when the natural storm in the form of any disease transcends to destroy your immunity and strength, by a holistic health care approach through MEDDCO. At meddco we put in maximum efforts to fulfill your needs through a strategy of systematic health care support.

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