Free Health Checkup Camp

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘Health camp’? This actually implies a group of wellbeing experts 'camp' in a territory to do constrained health mediation. Indian population is developing at a disturbing rate. As India's population is equal to 17.71% of the absolute total population. There is a bigger requirement for Health camps. Health Camps are organized for the well-being of society. The aim of the camps is not just to provide health services but to create an environment where the whole community gets sensitized about health issues. The well-attended health camps organized in collaboration with the health institutions demonstrate to service providers how health issues can be communicated to the community in an interesting and interactive fashion.

These camps are completely financed by the Trust or NGO's. Not only the offer free treatment they simply aims to spread awareness regarding proper hygiene and cleanliness. Social healthcare camps are the main thrust in the unprivileged network where their issues are heard and settled with respect and dignity.

Before organizing the camp there are a few things you need to consider such as the source of funds, time, the goal of the camp, approximate number of participants you are expecting to attend the camp, number of personnel you need to choose to conduct the health camp such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. The people whom you will hire must be physically fit to handle the pressures of working in the camp. They should also be prepared to mingle for a span of time with individuals who have different needs and health problems.

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