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Cataract-what Could Lead To Cataract


: Admin : 2021-05-28


Eyes aid to visualize the world around us. Vision is the most dynamic special perception to sense, understand, appreciate and comprehend the surroundings. Age causes retrogressive changes in different organs of the body.  When progressive degenerative changes occur within the lens of an eye after 45 to 50 years of age, it is termed as cataract. 

Cataract is the opacity of the lens and damage to tissues surrounding it from old age or injury. The lens appear hazzy, cloudy that cause decrease in acuity of vision.  A normal eye has lens positioned behind iris membrane or muscle that focuses the light entering the eye to give sharp, clear vision of an object on the retina. When cataract develops in old age the protein deposits on lens and it’s tissue forming cloudy opacities which cause visual disturbance. The functions of once transparent, flexible thicker lens and its power to focus a sharp image on retina diminish gradually. It is time to replace this natural lens with an artificial one through Cataract surgery.



Cataract is caused from—a. excess of oxygen molecules that are are chemically altered due to routine activities.

b. Smoking

c. Ultraviolet radiation

d. Long term use of steroids and chronic medication.

e. Metabolic syndrome like Diabetes Mellitus.

f. Injury to  eyes.

g. Exposure to radiation during a therapy.

h. Pollution.

Certain other risk factors that lead to cataract are –advanced age, heavy alcohol consumption, obesity, high blood pressure, corticosteroids, family history of cataracts and excessive exposure to sun rays.

Blurred vision, double vision, sensitivity to light or glare, difficult vision at night are symptoms when cataract develops in old age. 

Once you notice decrease, stressful eye sight as age advances, an eye check up is an emergency to diagnose the pathology.  If detailed examination done by the opthalmogist detects a damaged lens, then a cataract surgery is planned by the doctor.

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