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Oral Biopsy - An Overview - Part 2


: Admin : 2023-01-23

How long does it take to heal?

Oral biopsy typically takes 2-3 days to 2 weeks to heal, depending on the location and type of biopsy done.

If a biopsy is done generally with local anesthetics without any stitches, the pain will last only for the initial 2 -3 days. The patient will feel improvement after it.

The biopsy commonly leaves a tiny hollw that often needs stitching. If a biopsy is done under local anesthetics with stitches, it takes two weeks to heal completely.

Instructions to follow after biopsy:

On the day of the biopsy, the patient should avoid rinsing their mouth out vigorously; this may cause bleeding.
Avoid biting the area of biopsy and brush gently.
Start taking pain relievers before the anesthesia wears off.
The patient will not be able to drink or generally eat after biopsy, avoid eating hot, spicy, or sharp food and don't drink anything hot (coffee, tea), and allow all meals or drinks to cool down to room temperature.
Avoid any exhausted exercise for the rest of the day, either at work or during your leisure time.
The affected person should avoid smoking for at least 72 hours, as it increase the risk of wound smoking.

Contact dentist after biopsy:

Contact your dentist in case you observe the following after biopsy:

Increased redness or soreness at the biopsy site even after a painkiller.
If the wound bleeds persistently.
Severe pain.
Persistent nausea and vomiting.


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