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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

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Some Interesting Ways To Beat Stress & Anxiety During The COVID-19 Lockdown

It is said that Prevention is better than cure. Today, in the crisis of this coronavirus, we are following this adage to protect ourselves from getting infected. These days the world is struggling with a pandemic called the Corona.  We are all locked indoors to avoid this epidemic. But people are not used to these circumstances and facing many psychological problems. Many psychiatrists have suggested many ways to beat the stress of lockdown due to Coronavirus spread. Here we have summed up some interesting ways to deal with lockdown stress. 

1) Don’t Feel That You Are Stuck Inside - Do not think that you are imprisoned indoors. Rather think that your enemy is sitting outside your house and you are safe inside the house.

2) Follow a Normal Routine - Follow your regular routine as usual and doing your work in the normal way will make you feel like your normal days.

3) Avoid Watching Depressing News - Restrict viewing of news related to Corona as all this news will give you disappointment and stress.

4) Limit Your Eating - Staying at home all day causes more desire to eat something, but keep your diet under control or else you will easily become a victim of weight gain. Eat less and eat healthily.

5) Keep Yourself Busy - Keep yourself busy as much as possible because frustrating thoughts disturb our mind in the free time, the busier we are, the more stress-free we will be.  It is said that the empty mind is the house of the devil.

6) Fulfill Your Hobbies - this is the best time to fulfill your hobbies. Because there is no hurry at this time, so you have enough time to do all your hobbies which you could not fulfill due to lack of time.

7) Exercise Regularly -  Exercise not only keeps the body healthy but it also reduces stress. Exercise increases heart rate, which causes a decrease in the body's stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

8) Stay Connected - Staying in touch with your friends and family helps a lot in relieving stress. And in today's modern time, there are so many technical tools available that you can stay in touch with your friends and relatives, right from home.

9) Meditate To Keep The Mind Healthy - Meditation is considered to be the best for relieving stress. Through meditation, you can get rid of all the depressing thoughts in your mind.

10) Try Yoga For Stress Relief - Yoga not only keeps our body healthy but also keeps our mind and brain healthy and stress-free. Many types of yoga asanas are helpful in reducing stress. Pranayama is the most common and simple exercise in yoga to beat stress.

So, if you are also feeling stressed in this locked-down environment due to corona, then by adopting the above measures, you can get rid of stress in this difficult time. Visit Meddco's website to get information about hospitals, clinics, doctors, specialists, surgeons or health care packages.

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