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The American Cancer Society Says To Lower The Cancer Risk, Move More And Skip The Cocktails And Streaks.


: Admin : 2020-06-11

In the updated guidelines published on Tuesday by the American Cancer Society, it is stated that to reduce the risk of cancer, your diet should contain vegetables and whole grains and that processed and red meat should be stopped.  This group also states in its updated guidelines that it is best not to drink alcohol and that people should exercise more than previously recommended. 

The American Cancer Society periodically reviews dietary exercise and cancer-related science and updates its guidelines accordingly.  A good diet and regular exercise are very important, partially, because it helps people to maintain weight at a healthy level.  Scientists understand that there is a greater correlation between cancer and weight.  The World Cancer Research Fund's recent list has 12 cancers associated with overweight or obesity which are 5 cancers more than the association's final report published a decade ago.

Vegetables that should be in the diet that reduces the risk of cancer are dark green, red and orange in colour.  Beans and peas also reduce the risk of cancer.  Whole grains should be preferred over refined flour and whole fruits rather than canned, juices as they are better. 
Foods that should be avoided or limited to eating include processed meats or red meats such as steaks. One should try to avoid soda and juice containing sugar and processed foods at all. According to the guidelines, it is best not to drink alcohol, but if you drink alcohol then women have to keep it to one day and men to two. 

In a statement, Laura Makaroff, senior vice president of the American Cancer Society, says there is no single food or food group that is sufficient to achieve a significant reduction in cancer risk.  Current and developed scientific evidence supports a shift away from a nutrient-focused approach to a more holistic concept of dietary patterns. People eat whole foods — not nutrients — and evidence suggests that it is healthy dietary patterns that are associated with a lower risk for cancer especially colorectal and breast cancer. 

The guidelines also suggest that you should also exercise more. The guidelines also suggest that you should also exercise more.  The updated guidelines increase the recommended amount of exercise, in which you will need 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise instead of 150 minutes in 1 week.  

If you are more than a runner, they have increased that amount of exercise by 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity to encourage you between 75 minutes to 150 minutes. 
It is stated in the guidelines that, time exceeding 300 minutes is optimal.  The guidelines encourage local communities to make these healthy lifestyle goals possible, suggesting that they make space for people to get out and exercise and make affordable and nutritious food readily available. 

Shifting from nutrients to whole foods

Award-winning nutritionist and author and CNN Health and Nutrition contributor Lisa Drayer says the updated guidelines reflect the latest science. Drayer says these updated guidelines confirm what scientific research is revealing - that nutritional-rich diets, being physically active, limiting alcohol are associated with overall cancer risk, in which the risk of breast, prostate and colorectal cancer is low. 

Drayer said- it is also important to point out that the various contributions of a healthy balanced diet have been shown to be more important in reducing cancer risk than recommending a single diet, and this is what some nutritionists have been saying for years. 

For example, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can provide a healthy dose of antioxidants that help prevent oxidative damage to DNA, which can be caused by red meat, processed meat, smoking, pollution, and UV radiation. As well as fibre-rich foods may help protect against colorectal cancer.

This means that you can make some easy changes to help your health.  Instead of regular pasta or white rice, try brown rice or dal pasta or gram pasta. 

As far as exercise recommendations are concerned, she says that it can also be made fun.

Being active does not mean engaging in a high-intensity workout every day.  Walking, going on a bike ride with the family, dancing or doing yoga, etc. can also contribute. 

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