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All You Need To Know About Liver Transplant Surgery


: Admin : 2021-02-13

What do you know about Liver Transplant?

Many people find liver transplant very complex and some people are scared of its name.  In this article, you will be given detailed information about liver transplant.


What is Liver transplant?

A liver transfer is a surgery that replaces a patient's ailing liver with an entire or fractional healthy liver from someone else. Simply put, the operation of a liver transplant replaces a diseased liver of a patient with a full or partially healthy liver of another person.


Why is the Liver Transplant needed?

For patients with liver failure whose condition cannot be managed by other medications and for certain people with liver cancer, liver transplantation is a therapy choice.


What is liver failure?

A life-threatening disease that needs immediate medical attention is liver failure. Very commonly, for several years, liver failure occurs gradually.  An Acute liver failure is one that occurs suddenly, in a matter of weeks. Acute liver failure is an uncommon disorder that is typically caused by some drug complications.


Why does the liver fail?

Many different illnesses and disorders, including hepatitis B and C, non-alcoholic liver fat disease, alcohol misuse and hemochromatosis, cause liver failure.


Who is a donor?

A person whose healthy liver is replaced in place of an unhealthy liver is called a donor.


Who can be a donor?

You could get your liver from a donor who's alive, or from someone who's dead. A living donor may be a sibling, a partner, an acquaintance, or an unrelated "Good Samaritan." To keep risks as minimal as possible, they would have full medical and psychological checks. For finding a partner, blood type and body size are important. A donor younger than the age of 60 is ideal.


Who does not qualify for a liver transplant?

If the patient has problems such as:

A severe infection,

Alcohol or substance use issues,

Cancer beyond your liver,

Severe illness of the heart or lungs, will not qualify for a liver transplant.


What will be the result of a Liver Transplant?

Results after Liver Transplantation:

According to the study, aside from all, the overall outcomes of liver transplantation are outstanding. The recipient's survival rate is 88 per cent after 1 year of liver transplantation. And after 5 years, survival for recipients is 74%.


What is the Progress Rate for Liver Transplant?

As we know, surgery is very important and the risk of having complications during and after surgery is high. Chances are that the best of the best hand's performance rate is about 90-92 per cent.


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