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Precautions For Covid-19


: Admin : 2021-04-29

Precautations To Avoid Covid-19!


Keep Your Distance

Since it is difficult to determine who is infected and who isn't, avoid direct contact with those around you. If anyone nearby is coughing or sneezing, keep a 1-meter distance and cover your mouth and eyes. Since the virus spreads from person to person through liquid droplets sprayed when someone sneezes or coughs, doing so will keep the virus from entering the body.


Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms such as a cough, fever, or trouble breathing, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you are a senior with a history of pneumonia or have signs of pneumonia, you should be on the lookout and contact your doctor to schedule any required tests. By doing so, you can cover yourself while also assisting in the prevention of the virus's dissemination. 


Food Safety

Maintain separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables, and disinfect them with soap regularly. Hands should be washed after handling raw food and before eating cooked food. Do not eat at restaurants or food stalls that do not have basic hygiene facilities such as hand washing or sanitizer. Consume only thoroughly cooked meat products because heat destroys any germs that might be present.


Travel with Caution 


Avoid crowded public transportation and have tissues on hand to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze. Do not throw used tissues outside; instead, place them in dustbins. If you have a cough, fever, or cold, avoid traveling at all costs. When you're outdoors, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose. Wear face masks in busy areas, and don't touch your mask with your hands once it's on.


Regularly wash your hands

There is currently no treatment for COVID-19. However, for the time being, the only way to combat the disease is to wash your hands with soap regularly. Hands should be washed before eating, after sneezing or coughing, and after coming into contact with someone who is exhibiting symptoms. Washing your hands regularly will help you avoid illness.


Carry a hand sanitizer.

The most convenient hygiene measure is to use alcohol hand rubs or sanitizers. It's a simple and convenient way to keep your hands clean in public areas without making your hands wet. Purchase sanitizers that are 60 to 95 percent alcohol.


 Put on a facemask

If you live in an area where COVID-19 has been identified, consider wearing a Facemask before venturing out. A face mask provides basic protection against germs and pathogens in the air. If you have symptoms or not, wearing a face mask is a must in busy areas and on public transportation.


Clean Your Home 

Your bed sheets and towels should be washed. Every two days, wipe down counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, computers, keyboards, laptops, and bedside tables. Keeping your home clean keeps you safe from infection.


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