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How To Keep Yourself Cool In Lockdown?


: Admin : 2020-04-18

We all know that we are facing the crisis of global epidemic called corona and to avoid this crisis the whole world has to be confined at home.  The best way to prevent this virus is social distancing, for which it is very important to stay at home, but it is becoming very difficult for everyone to remain in the house for so many days. And now lock-down is extended, some people are losing their patience.

It is not in the nature of human beings to stay in one place, so people are getting very distracted and feel difficulty in maintaining their mental balance during this lock-down time. 

Here are some suggestions to keep your mind cool and spent time peacefully in lock-down:

1. Try To Be More Self-Dependent - At this time, your maid is not able to come to your home to work, so make use of this time and try to make yourself more and more self-reliant.

2. Improve Your Immunity- It is believed that those whose immunity is very good, the risk of corona effect is less on those people.  So at this time when you are at home and do not have to go anywhere, try to improve your immunity. Eat things that are nutritious, healthy, homemade, fresh and that increase your immunity.

3. Spare Time For Yourself- In today's fast-paced lifestyle and in between a lot of work, people do not get the opportunity to take time for themselves.  This is a great time when you keep a little time for yourself and spend time in solitude with yourself.

4. Try To Learn New Thing - There is no time restriction, this is a great time. Use this time to learn something new and learn something new that you were not able to learn due to the constraints of work.

5. Restrict Using Gadgets- Don't waste your time in your gadgets. Use this time to get out of the world of gadgets and spend your time on hobbies or doing creative work. Read some informative and encouraging books.

6. Try Meditation & Yoga- To protect yourself from the friction and disturbance of lockdown and to keep your mind calm, resort to meditation and yoga.

Therefore, by adopting the above measures, you can maintain your mental balance during the lockdown and pass this difficult time in peace. Remember this time will also pass. For information related to doctors, specialists, surgeons, hospitals, clinics, labs, and affordable healthcare packages, visit  www.meddco.com. These pieces of information are also available on the Meddco app.

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