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Myths And Facts About Coronavirus (covid-19)


: Admin : 2020-04-18

As the coronavirus began to spread, many rumors started spreading among the people.  Like many people, all of them talked about their ways to deal with the coronavirus. Experts were coming out of every house.  But all these things do not stand the test of truth. Today we will tell you about some such myths and their truth.

1. It Can Harm Only Older And Young People - No it can infect people of any age. But yes older people and people with very low immunity or already facing some health conditions like diabetes, asthma are at high risk.

2. Applying Chlorine And Alcohol On The Skin Can Kill The Virus - No this can not kill the virus in the body but will harm your skin. These chemicals can be used for the disinfection of surfaces. 

3. It Is Just Like Flue - No its not like flue, this virus is more serious than the flue. Though symptoms are similar to flue like coughing, fever.

4. You Will Die If Infected - No, every person infected with this virus does not die, only a few people die, most people recover and return home. 

5. The Face Mask Is Protective Against The Virus - Professional masks that fit tightly around the face are helpful in preventing infection and these are the face masks that health care workers use. Disposable masks do not meet standards to prevent infection because such masks are not capable of preventing microscopic viral particles.  However, a cloth mask can to some extent help prevent the spread of droplets.

The center for disease control and prevention recommend people wear cloth masks at public places where the desired distance that is 6 feet is difficult to maintain.

6. Rising Temperature Will Kill The Virus - As of now, it is unclear whether this virus will decrease with the rise in temperature.

7. Pneumonia And Flu Vaccine Can Protect Against Viruses -  No, the vaccine for flu and pneumonia cannot prevent this virus.  COVID-19 is different from other viruses, there is no vaccine available for this.

8. Deadliest Virus Ever- No, this is not the deadliest virus ever, more deaths were caused by Ebola.

9. Consuming Alcohol Will Reduce The Risk of Infection - It is the most prevalent myth that drinking alcohol reduces the risk of infection. No, drinking alcohol does not reduce the risk of infection of COVID-19, but the fact that drinking too much alcohol weakens the immune system and makes you unable to fight infection. 

10. Antibiotics Will Kill The Virus - No that’s not true, antibiotics can kill bacteria not the virus.

11. Home Remedies Can Save From Infection - No, home remedies can help strengthen the immune system but cannot prevent the infection of the virus. 

12. Thermal Scanners Detect Viruses - COVID-19 can be detected only by testing.  Thermal scanners can only detect fever, which can also occur in other diseases, but yes we can adopt other safety measures by detecting fever. 

So these are some myths and facts about COVID-19. If you need more information about the virus visit meddco.com. Meddco www.meddco.com can help you find doctors, specialists, surgeons, clinics, hospitals, labs, and affordable healthcare packages. These pieces of information are also available on Meddco app.

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