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Staying At Home Together We Will Defeat Covid-19 (coronavirus)


: Admin : 2020-04-18

                                                                   Stay Home, Stay Safe

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, it’s very much needed to be at home and not to step outside. The verse “stay home, stay safe” is worldwide very popular at this time when the world is affected by a pandemic called COVID-19.

What is the government doing?

The government suggests not to panic and not to rush to the hospitals and clinic, but first consult their General Physicians as rushing to hospitals will create more havoc then solving the problem. The testing of COVID-19 only can be done when a qualified physician will recommend such. There are 63 government testing sites and many private labs for testing COVID-19 in India.

What is the strategy?

The Indian Council of Medical Research amended the strategy of testing of COVID-19 on 20th March 2020. Now they have stopped random testing and more focused on testing only who have symptoms.

Health Advisories

Health advisories have been issued by the central and state governments. Some symptoms of infection of COVID-19 have been indicated those are- Coughing, fever, difficulty in breathing, cold, headache, and sore throat. If you face these symptoms you stay home, take some rest and Quarantine yourself. This will help you to make sure if you are infected with COVID-19 or not. If you are not infected you will feel better after taking rest at home and if you are not getting a better do not self medicate but consult a qualified physician. He/she will recommend you for the test. 

Preparing For Home Quarantine

Most of the people have light symptoms or asymptomatic who are infected with COVID-19. If you are detected positive and advised to stay home and take rest by the doctor, these things you must take care of to keep you and your family safe:-

1. Stay away(at least 6 feet) from your family members.

2. Take your regular cough relief medicine. 

3. Drink plenty of water(if possible warm water), take honey to soothe your throat.

4. Breathe in steam and use humidifiers in your room.

5. Eat light and freshly cooked food such as vegetable soup or daliya which is easy to digest.

6. Rest as much as possible and stay at home.

7. The house should be ventilated and adequate sunlight should enter the house.

8. Take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to reduce fever.

8. Use hand gloves and mask so you will not infect other members of your family. 

10. Disinfect and sanitize things you are using daily.


But if you still not feel any better immediately consult to your doctor you may have to be hospitalized for further treatment.

What other family members should do and what not:-

1. Wash hand regularly and properly(for 20 seconds).

2. Do not touch eyes, mouth, and nose.

3. Maintain distance with the infected member.

4. Do not touch things touched by the infected person.

5. Keep sanitizing things touched by the infected person such as doors, windows.

6. Don’t step out of the house until its necessary. 

7. If going out use face mask and gloves so you will be safe from infection.

8. Keep senior citizens away from the infected person.


Why COVID-19 is so much harmful?

1. COVID-19 is a highly contagious novel virus.

2. According to research infected person can infect two to four persons.

3. It can easily spread through daily used objects.

4. Senior citizens and people with very low immunity are at high risk. 

5. The virus is spreading very fast.

So these are some facts about COVID-19. If you want to be safe, just stay at home and avoid going out. If you want information about clinics, hospitals, labs, doctors, specialists, surgeons and affordable healthcare packages visit www.meddco.com . These pieces of information are also available on Meddco app.

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